People that drop their cell phones in the toilet fix it by doing this!

If you’ve dropped your phone in the toilet fear not my child I will save thee! Disclaimer this method doesn’t always work and I refuse to be held liable for anything. By the way WTF is your phone doing in the toilet? Anyway… All you got to do is…

6 steps to fixing a wet cell phone 

1.) First take the phone out the toilet you dang fool (just kidding) Kindly remove your cell phone from your porcelain throne

2.) Remove any extra accessories from the cell phone including but not limited to your cell phone case, connected ear piece, fecal mater (YUCK) etc.

3.) Remove the battery from the phone. Do not overlook this step some people say it doesn’t matter they’re liars it does matter so remove the freak’n battery.

4.) If your cell phone has a SIM card remove the SIM card while you’re removing your cell phone battery.

5.) Dry the phone using a towel or cloth or something Get rid of as much water as possible. Some people say that using a vacuum can also help dry the phone I have mixed emotions about this because when I dropped my phone in my pool I didn’t use a freak’n vacuum and my phone came out working fine. So if you want to use a vacuum you can do this at your own risk .

6.) Put your cell phone in an UNCOOKED bag of rice for about 24 hours. With my personal experience I left my Blackberry cell phone in an uncooked bag of rice for 36 hours and when I check it was working fine.

Final thoughts!

Honestly I’ve tried this method with several of my old cell phones just tossing them into my pool taking them out of the pool removing the battery and then throwing them into an uncooked bag of rice without even using a towel and the phones came out working fine. Every-bodies situation will be different so if you love your phone you might want to follow the 6 steps above!

Thank you for reading you could have been anywhere in the world but you choose to spend it with me please leave your freak’n comments or experiences below it really does help others!