Is a Scam?

To start I want to point out that the Pimsleur Approach to learning a new language is legit however some might consider their current approach to doing business fraudulent the reason is because when dealing with the Pimsleur Approach fond at you really might want to consider reading the fine print if you call make sure you ask questions regarding any residual or on going fees. I’m pretty sure if you’re reading this you’ve heard about Rosetta Stone you pay them once and the software is yours the Pimsleur Approach works differently and I highly recommend you read their terms or call their customer service before signing up.

I will give you some advice I recommend going to a site called Audible and typing in “Pimsleur” in the Audible search engine. I’ve been using Audible for years because I travel a lot I am an Audible monthly subscriber so I’ll typically use a credit to purchase an audio book before going to any foreign country I should point out I know Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian I haven’t gotten around to some of the other languages yet

Click here to visit the Audible website