There’s a webpage on the domain name that’s trying to scare people into downloading their software. To the best of my knowledge this is an illegal practice. The scam webpage currently can be found by going to
On that webpage you’ll get a pop up that says:

WINDOW WARNING !!!Security Error Detected, Due to Suspicious Activity found on your computer. Please Contact Microsoft Certified Live Technicians For Help 1 (855) 482-2632 (Toll Free).

Below is a a picture of the scam if you click it you can see the bigger version Scam Scam

After you review this blog post you should know that is not legit and is indeed a scam, any reviews claiming that is legit it also a scam! Also any other site with the 1 (855) 482-2632 phone number is a scam as well.

If you think that your computer needs protection it’s a much smarter idea to use a recommended source which you can use the link below. Again based on my review of it appears to be a scam in my book. If you read any legit reviews regarding other sites that have the 1 (855) 482-2632 phone number it’s easy to see that all of it is a scam.

CNET and type antivirus free download


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