Divorce will take you through a bad and stressful experience and it is even worse when children are involved. Couples try to handle child guardianship on their own but it does not always work due to the levels of emotions that prevent them from making an unbiased decision. This affects the children more and this is why a custody lawyer Salem Oregon area is necessary.

He presents various scenarios from which the couples can choose from with regard to the guardianship of the child. Some of these scenarios include physical, legal, joint and split guardianship, among others. Whichever scenario is chosen, various conditions have to be considered but the most important one is the childs interest.

An arrangement where one of the parents is granted physically the custody of the child is referred to as physical guardianship. The other option termed as legal gives one parent the authority to make decisions over key aspects in the childs life such as education, religion and healthcare. Many divorce cases often give one of the parent physical guardianship while the legal guardianship lies upon both of them. In cases where the couple had more than one child, an option known as split guardianship can be employed. This is where each parent is assigned a child or more.

Hiring this legal officer has its own benefits and limitation. One of the benefits is that this professional will provide you with mediation services to enable both parties to reach an agreement outside the court. Many couples engage in fighting and they end up not reaching an agreement, it is important to know that anything could happen when the final decision has to be made by a judge.

For the interest of both parents and the child, it is always better to iron out differences without involving the court. This professional then has the responsibility of prepare the necessary legal documents to make it committal then forward them to the court for approval.

When one parent has been granted physical guardianship, the other one has to be granted visitation right. The legal officer helps both parents to make a plan on how to handle those issues to ensure the child is well supported. A situation where one parent stays in a far way place or another country and they the guardianship was joint, the legal officer provides a solution in such matters.

There are also disadvantages of hiring this legal officer. The first one is the cost involved. If one parent is not supportive it forces them to have several court appearances and this time the legal officer has to be paid since they charge their services per hour. This money can add up to a huge chunk as times goes by. Couple who do not have enough money it may be hard to hire for these services.

The other disadvantage is that hiring this professional requires the parents to grant him full access to every personal matter. The parents are forced to allow the legal officer to talk with the child before the hearings start. Some couples may find it hard to share their personal and emotional life with anyone and thus be unable to hire a custody lawyer Salem Oregon area.

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