Cash Flow Money Online Review Is it legit or is it a scam?

There is a lot of buzz going on with Pure-NRG Fx and for good reason as you can clearly see if you go to the the playboy log is attached. When most people see this dollar signs start popping up in most people’s heads. After this occurrence for most people reality will start to set in once they see the “Distributor Compensation Plan”. For those of you who don’t know network marketing all though shaped like a pyramid is not a scam.

However the problems most network marketing companies usually face is and this happens in any business is a slowdown in sales. At this time owners with huge down-lines often see a years’ worth of work wiped out in a few short months and this is my reason for not supporting the network marketing model. The thing to understand with network marketing is the income splitting component for those who don’t know income splitting means some of your income will come from the work of others.

Sounds great right? It sure does until people start leaving or stop renewing their memberships or subscriptions. The thing that takes most people a while to understand is Network marketing still is a sales job. If you don’t recruit or get people to sign up under you, you’ll never make any real money. If you pay close attention to any network marketing company the people that make most of the money have the largest down-lines. That’s how these things work and the real money they make comes from people like you who pay to join then work your behinds off telling people about in this case “Pure-NRG Fx”

The Truth about Network marketing

Sales and advertising for someone else’s brand that’s what being a network marketer is all about, sure in some instances Network marketing creates this cult or church like atmosphere but make no mistake about network marketing is all about making money and no one makes money more quickly and more easily than the owners of these network marketing companies.

There’s nothing wrong with this business model Pure-NRG Fx is legit and if you’re a fan of the network marketing business model I’m sure the Pure-NRG Fx Distributor Compensation Plan looks fair and profitable. That being said I’m not a fan of Network marketing I do think it’s an excellent introduction into the world of sales however I prefer a raw sales job because in a regular sales job I’m hired which costs me nothing and I don’t have to worry about monthly fees or the success of other sales people joining my sales force because my commission in that instance is at a set rate or percentage.

Final words regarding Pure-NRG Fx

I think Pure-NRG Fx is an excellent opportunity for people who like network marketing Playboy is behind it and they’ve clearly laid out their compensation plan so members, customers and distributors all know what they’ll be getting themselves into. I wish you all the all best and I hope you find the financial prosperity you’re seeking.


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