The reason No Frills doesn’t accept Visa

Today I went to no frills and found out from the cashier that they don’t accept Visa. First thing I said to myself was who doesn’t accept Visa? Then I sat back and thought about and remembered that No Frills is like the Loblaw’s discount store. Plus as of the day I’m writing this they’re promoting their own master card or I should say they’re affiliated with a master card company.

A different class of shopper

I never really thought of it before because personally I don’t pay attention to where I shop locally but I just realized that Loblaw’s, Metro and to a degree Sobeys are high end grocery stores where as No Frills, Food basic and Price Chopper are on the low end grocery store list. I should have known that but I guess I never really gave it any thought until today. I’m not sure why but I’ve never liked Price chopper well at least the ones in Toronto. The always look so dingy but my guess is they’re doing that to save on overhead costs.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Although this may only reign true for me but I’ve found that buying fruits and vegetables at Metro taste and look way better than they do at No Frills however I would also like to add that Metro’s fruits typically taste better than both Loblaw’s and Sobeys. Well that’s it for now thanks for reading

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