Making Money With eBook Marketing review is it a scam?

I’ve never been the type of person to want to be told what to do especially when it comes to my love life. In my opinion it’s far better to try and meet women and make a complete fool of yourself rather than follow some dating guru that supposedly found some magic formula to dating women. That being said maybe you want to get your ex back and has exactly what you’re looking for.

All that said I would advise the reader that programs like relationshiprewind typically come with strings meaning you sign up they give you some good information and then one day something happens that’s not discussed in the book and then you’re back to square one. is not a scam it’s legit but I hope you understand what you’re getting yourself into when you sign up with these things.

I will tell you from experience treat life and women the same way you would riding a bike first you learn to ride via trial and error and then you race faster then you might upgrade to faster or better bike and then if you want graduate to a motorcycle. When you’re around women remember to listen and pay attention to little signs women throw you signs and sometimes you might get them wrong. Which is okay if you’re not scared to talk to another woman, if you’re not trying to save your family and get your kids back in your life I would recommend just practicing talking to women or starting conversations with women in social atmosphere you’d be surprised how much you learn about women if you just believe in yourself!

Relationship rewind goes into details and it’s great information but you’re going to have to do what they tell you to which in my opinion defeats the best part of learning about women and how they think! Men telling you what women think is never a good idea in my opinion!