Research in motion limited ip address scam

The┬áResearch in motion IP scam is primarily used by west Africans to log into social networking sites. This is one of the methods they use to hide their identity. Website owners in this instance typically have to wrestle with the decision to delete these users or keep them and watch they closely. In most instances it’s best to delete these users and block their IP’s from accessing your site either that or limit their abilities on your website. This might be something you want to consider adding to your terms and conditions.

The thing I find odd with west Africans is how wide spread these scams are among them they’re ruining their countries reputation for silly reasons if they have access to the internet it means they have access to vast number of legal money making opportunities it baffles me why so many of them would rather waste all this time scamming people rather than just doing things the honest way. I mean they have the internet? It’s not like they’ve been completely ostracized from the world wide web?