Review of – Legit or Scam

I’m going to keep this post short and to the point when it comes to any weight loss supplement it honestly depends on you the only thing I would recommend in the case of try Sensa is not to use their trial offer it’s far better to try it and if it doesn’t work stop using it. The reason I recommend this is because using their trial winds up costing you more in the long run and not only that you have to be proactive and call them to discontinue. As a man what I didn’t like about it is on average it takes about 6 months to show any results and if you read their terms and conditions you’ll see why I’m personally not a fan of their trial. It’s a lot cheaper at your local GNC

TrySensa Terms and conditions

Before you enter your credit card information try looking at their terms and conditions I copied a portion and adding it below. You can read their full terms and conditions by visiting their website and clicking Terms and conditions on their order page below is only a portion of their terms.


Terms of Offer
You have a full 30 days to try your SENSA® 2-Month Starter Kit. If you enjoy SENSA®, do nothing and you will be billed for the 2-Month Starter Kit one low payment of $89.95 at the end of the free trial. If you decide to keep your 2-Month Starter Kit, you will be automatically enrolled in our SENSA® AutoShip Delivery Service. As part of the SENSA® AutoShip Delivery Service, you will receive a fresh 2-month supply of SENSA® every 60 days at the low price of only $89.95 so you never run out. You will be charged this price every 60 days, billed to your credit card, plus $0.00 shipping and handling.


Last words on

I’m personally always skeptical when I see celebrities endorsing a product because as many of you in most circumstances these celebrities are being paid to endorse this products or these celebrities are putting their names on a product to help further their own careers. My thinking when it comes to any weight loss product is somethings work better for some people it all depends on the individual. If you’re thinking of getting Sensa I recommend buying in store. For the record the best results I’ve experienced came from Pro Shape RX.

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