The state of Rhode Island may be small compared to its surrounding states, but its database of criminal history profiles is still quite extensive. In this state, the Rhode Island Department of Attorney General is the main office that deals with every arrest and criminal report in its jurisdiction. Through the department’s Bureau of Criminal Identification, or BCI, the office serves as the main criminal record repository in the state. The bureau houses, maintains and disseminates anything from Rhode Island arrest records to the state’s sex offender registry.

Let’s say, you were arrested somewhere in Rhode Island in the past for public intoxication and you wish to view the police report about the incident. The agency that you would want to approach to file your request is, quite obviously, the Bureau of Criminal Identification of the Rhode Island Department of Attorney General. Civilians can request name-based searches either in person or by mail. If you are going to file an application by mail, you are going to need a notarized release form, a clear copy of valid photo identification, five dollars for the processing fee, and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

If you do not wish to mail your application, you can visit the Bureau of Criminal Identification office in person. You may want to bring with you a valid photo ID, a filled out request sheet, the notarized release form and the five dollar fee. For third party access of criminal profiles, you will be required to submit a notarized consent signed by the subject in question on top of your photo identification. It may sound a wee bit demanding, but the process is really a lot easier than it seems.

As far as the treatment of criminal history accounts are concerned, the state of Rhode Island considers these types of documents as confidential. Just like in most of the other 49 states. However, these records will be released to the public upon request, and with the appropriate procedures observed. The details included in the criminal accounts requested by approved agencies, personnel and law enforcement officers, on the other hand, are much more comprehensive. They include the subject’s entire criminal history and conviction reports.

For background checks, the Rhode Island Judiciary is a viable source of criminal background information that is just as comprehensive and up-to-date. This agency handles a total of six courts all over the state, in addition to its role as a criminal information resource for the state’s attorneys and its residents. Through an online criminal information search feature, the Judiciary is able to disseminate pertinent criminal data quite effectively to interested parties. Civilians can effortlessly run criminal history searches from their own home, as a matter of fact.

The Rhode Island Judiciary as a resource is decent enough, but it still lacks the practicality and cost-efficiency of an online record provider. Reputable criminal record search websites offer a wide range of criminal data from virtually every state in the country. Over the years, these privately run services have been collecting criminal reports from all over the country. From New York to California, public arrest records and criminal history profiles are easily accessible for a reasonable one-time fee. You can perform unlimited searches without even worrying about procedures or requirements.

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