Is a Scam?

I got an email today asking about Rich In Traffic and if it’s a scam or not. It doesn’t appear to be a scam and the owner who I’m familiar with by the way isn’t known to scam people. However I’m not sure if this traffic exchange will be a success or not. I like the concept but traffic exchanges typically take a long time to grow. The good thing about RichInTraffic is that it pays and it has a no minimum payout which is usually an indication that it’s not a scam.

Most make money online free programs have a threshold which members have to reach before they’ll issue a payment. What this actually means is that as a member you don’t have any actual cash until your account reaches their minimum standard. doesn’t have this standard which means that any money you make their is as good as real money which is excellent. What makes things even better is you have your website in rotation while your making money a very nice feature indeed. One other thing I realized with is they don’t have any half a cent or 1/10 of cent clicks, members earn from referrals and using their exchange.

Their members section is very clean but membership is very small at the moment which tells me they have a small advertising budget. The success of RichInTraffic will be dependent on referrals which means their is a lot of income potential for people who choose to promote it. One thing I found interesting however is currently they only allow payouts twice per month when I contacted admin the reason he said this is because handling payout request from people cashing out daily will cost him more man power which is completely understandable in my opinion.

The other thing I questioned him about was only accepting Paypal as many of you have already heard most programs have cut off Payza as Payza is making things very difficult lately. So I guess that could be a negative against as well because they only accept and make payouts using Paypal. At the moment however I don’t think they’re a scam they look legit please leave your review or reviews of them below.