First I would like to say that is a fake news website and also that Melissa Johnson in this instance is nothing more than fictional character created to bring people to Robert Allen’s websites. Robert Allen is notorious when you are talking about scams online; the report on him online is everything he sells online comes with a catch no matter what the price. He doesn’t seem to care about the people who put trust in him nor does he seem to care that almost everyone that has tried his products has something bad to say about him.

First off I would like the business minded community to understand that yes I know investment is required if you want to succeed in anything but… if I invest my money or time I expect to get some sort of value in return. Robert Allen and all is products seem to focus on keeping people Dependent on Robert Allen. Return Policy

I honestly do not trust anything on Robert Allen’s websites there are so many reports of scam under his name that I cannot bring myself to say to someone that yes he may have changed there are stories of Robert Allen scamming people out of over $10,000, there are stories of people calling and cancelling his products and he still continues to rebill them. There are stories of Robert Allen being fraudulent with his terms and conditions pages. Updating them when he feels like it or when it’s convenient to him. He might give a refund but I wouldn’t dare try anything he is selling.

Robert Allen Secret Complaints

Before you sign up for anything Robert Allen related I recommend doing a search of Robert Allen Complaints at the date I am writing this there are over 212,000 results in Google of the search term ‘Robert Allen Complaints’. I highly recommend staying away. I have no idea how Robert Allen sleeps at night if you want to sign up for Robert Allen Secrets go ahead but be careful and don’t say you were not warned. Please share your stories below.

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