RockGrade Management Scam

Did you get a message in your email that had the following or something similar to the message below?


“Dear Travis

Thanks for your previous submission for a role with RockGrade Management.

Before processing your submission further, you are required to complete an Internal Application. This must be finished within the next 7 days to ensure your application to get consideration for positions with RockGrade Management.

To begin the application –

– Goto
– Click on the “Start Screening” link

Please note – This Assessment invitation is only valid for seven days. After this point the Application link will stop working. Your application with RockGrade Management will not be considered further before the Online Assessment is complete.


– You must complete the Online Assessment in 1 sitting – it will take approximately two mins for completion.
– Also know that there is now an additional step to the assessment. Had you completed the Internal Application lately you will still be needed to finish this new component before to be selected in the RockGrade Management Recruitment process.

Best Regards,
RockGrade Management”


RockGrade Management, it sure looks like a scam but is it?

This is the part that I ask anyone reading this a post question. What I found interesting about RockGrade Management and what ultimately led me to open their email and click their link is that they seem like their doing the hiring for the Hilton hotels. I’ve applied to work for the Hilton hotel in the past so to be honest I have to wonder if this is in fact a scam or if they’re in fact contacting people for legit jobs. The website I was sent to was

The reason I think RockGrade Management is a Scam

The reason I think RockGrade Management is a scam is because of the link they used to get me to their website “” this link makes me suspicious because typically legit employers don’t send emails with links like that. This is what ultimately led me not enter my information and write this post. Personally I recommend staying away from this company. Although I can’t prove it they really seem fishy to me. I want to also point out that
RockCruit, RockCrown, RockGrade and RockTAP all seem to running the same scam.
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