There are a lot of automotive accessories which are available in a bevy of styles, forms and shapes. While some purely used to create a particular look, others are chosen for their function, and still there are a key few that serve both purposes. Rally mud flaps fall into the latter category as they are attractive while protecting automobiles from damage.

Often referred to as splash guards, these products are mats made of rubber, which are installed on a vehicle in the well just behind the wheels. They are primarily intended as a way to help the automobile, and any that are behind it, avoid damage from flying debris. These items are also very effective at deflecting mud, snow, water and other substances which may be present on the road.

Generally made using a rubberized material, the guards are strong, very durable and quite flexible. These are necessary qualities since these products have to be capable of withstanding impact with fast moving tires, rapidly passing asphalt and high speed projectiles. Protecting the host vehicles, as well as those behind and beside it, from these obstacles is the primary duty of this accessory.

Loose objects from the road’s surface are not only hazardous to the vehicle that sets them in motion, but also to the one in line behind it. Solid items like sticks, tire remnants, asphalt chunks, glass, pebbles and rocks can do damage to the undercarriage and create costly scratches, dings and dents in the paint job. One of these flung at just the right trajectory could have enough force to crack a windshield.

Objects of solid construction are not the only threats against which the mats deliver protection. Liquid based substances like wet road paint, tar, grease, snow, mud and water are also not good for the machines. It is quite possible for a liquid culprit to cause damage that may be more expensive to repair than their harder counterparts.

Large commercial trucks, particularly those hauling loads of small loose products like gravel, rock and stone, are usually required to have such guards in place as their thick industrial level tires can send debris flying with even stronger force. As for automobiles, most are not obligated to have them installed and many dealerships do not include them as standard parts. Each country, region or state may have their own set of regulations and mandates regarding these products.

Though they serve a very useful purpose, this accessory is also considered a wonderful way to customize one’s ride and for the driver to express their own style. They can be purchased in plain colors or patterns, showing a logo, a name, a phrase or even instantly recognizable figures and characters. There are some custom sites that permit customers to create unique designs or advertisements for their mats.

Having accessories such as Rally mud flaps installed on one’s vehicle is a great way to achieve a great look while receiving needed protection. They are effective guards against the damage that can be caused by fast moving tires flinging road debris and mess behind them. It is easy to get a customized look since they come in a huge range of design and color options.

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