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Is a scam? is sending me spam and I wish they would stop. Here’s how the email is sent and I’ve received this same email several times



I’m 26, single mother of a 5 year old son, my life if very busy and hectic (why I’m on here) I’m pretty much a normal kinda boring girl.
5’5 reddish brown hair, kind of on the thicker side (working on loosing weight) I have a GOOD successful job I’ve been on my own since I was 20
So no I don’t live with mommy and daddy. I’m originally from Las Vegas (moved here when i was 18).
I like doing a lot of active things in my spare time, I like fishing, bowling, movies, I’m addicted to walking also.

I don’t really have a type I’m attracted to, I do like guys taller then me and NO long hair… A job and a car would be GREAT.



Currently as of 2014 that link leads to the website. If you’re getting spam from them as well I highly recommend you visit their Facebook page here: and let them know about it. I don’t trust any of their recommendations for school I would just go to the school that I’m interested independent of I can’t seem to find any legit reviews of and their likes on their facebook page look like they’re fake. If you want use them don’t let me stop you but I don’t recommend them.