The state of Florida is also known as “The Sunshine State”. With its increasing number of inhabitants, you can hardly get to know the true identity of a person in an instant. So before doing business with anybody, you can delve into arrest records Florida.

A division of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, which is the Criminal Justice Information Services, preserves data of arrest in the state of Florida. These documents are collected and updated at the various levels of government law enforcement such as the sheriff’s offices, the criminal justice bureaus, the highway patrol officials and the county police divisions. The details of the different arrest records are then forwarded to the state’s key storehouse, and these are updated once a month. Particulars of an arrest that occurred since 1950 are obtainable in the said agency. But if you yearn to acquire those arrest reports that occurred before 1950, such files are retained by the clerks of the county courthouses.

Each arrest that is carried out by the various law enforcement authorities is listed even if it has not resulted in a conviction. In compliance to the law established by the state, the United States Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation should be given notice concerning every aspect of arrest in Florida.

Arrest records that took place in the state are made open to the public. This manifests that any person who wishes to access details on crimes and misbehavior convictions is allowed to do so, unless these reports are made confidential or removed by court orders. Even if there is no endorsement mandated by the government for you to secure a copy of a specific arrest detail, you are obliged to use the specified official request form which you can find online. Complete the form with all the vital data such as the full name of the individual, including any other pseudonym, age, race, sex and Social Security Number, if you have it. The next thing you need to do is to send your application to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in a self-addressed stamped envelope. Be sure to include your payment of $24.00 either by check or money order.

The facts revealed in an arrest file are the full name of the person, any other assumed name, age, date and place of birth, race, physical features such as weight, gender, height, color of the eye, photo, arrests, date and place of arrest, any disposition and facts on the issues of conviction and investigation.

Every criminal record has many functions. It can be employed as a mechanism to confirm the identity of the people who live in your neighborhood, your office-mates and your newly-hired staffs or to perform a background check on a possible husband or wife. One of the perks of having an access to free public arrest records is that it is simpler for you to consult this source whenever you have to. You can do your examination in the ease of your own residence for any legal objective you may have. It aids in making sure that you will not make any fault that will place your family in harm’s way by giving your trust to any person with dubious background.

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