Divorce cases in the state of Oklahoma are increasing rapidly. This is why OK Divorce records are one of the most accessed documents that the state provides to its people. The divorce certificate is considered as a public document since the Freedom of Information Act was in place.

Divorce certificates are one of the documents required by some government offices in order to process a particular request. Most of the transaction that calls for such document usually involves the couple and if the individual is already divorced, proof about the separation has to be provided. Examples of transaction that may require divorce certificates include, but not limited to, insurance, updating of dependents and assets and any matters relate to the finances of a couple. Divorce certificates are also used in genealogy research. Although, it is usually the last document checked by researches, it can create a major confusion for later generation if the separation of a couple is not updated in the family tree. Marriage is also another use of such document. When a divorced individual wishes to marry again, a copy of the separation documents has to be presented during marriage application.

Just as the name itself, divorce record would have information about the separation of a married couple. The public document would show only the basic details of the separation which includes the complete names of the divorcees and their birth details. The focus of the document is on the separation of the couple such as the date and the place where it took place. One would also know the marriage details.

As mentioned earlier, the document would contain only the basics of the separation. Further details are only visible to the divorcees themselves. Information such as the reason for the separation is kept away from public access along with the division of assets and properties. These are made confidential to protect the privacy of the couple.

Unlike, other states where the record has to be requested at the Vital Records Section, In Oklahoma; retrieval of a divorce certificate can only be done at the county where the divorce was registered. Fees would vary per county but it should not be more than $20. To make the search, one has to provide the necessary information on the request form. It is also important that one should indicate their personal information on the request form along with the reason and relation to the owner of the record. This is because the state of Oklahoma only provides the divorce certificate to the divorcees and their immediate families. Ideally, the retrieval process can take only an hour but if there are issues in the process, it can take up to weeks.

The Internet has allowed the retrieval divorce records in Oklahoma. Several websites are now offering their services to make the search easier for the users. This has cut the time almost to a 100% since the requested information is displayed in just seconds instead of hours. Free public divorce records search is offered by some websites, while others do it for a reasonable fee.

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