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The secret wealth formula scam

Message to mark Starr: Tell your affiliates to stop spamming my email accounts. It’s unbelievable the length’s you people will go to just to get people to sign up for your crappy products. I’m not entirely sure how the secret wealth formula managed to get one of my personal email accounts but they seemed to have found it and since then they’ve continued to bombard my email address with message after message of make money opportunities. Well first I will explain to anyone reading this what exactly they’re doing then I will give you my thoughts.

The link between and the secret wealth formula

If you visit and you will be brought to a webpage with a name like ‘>Your City< Business Journal’ in my instance it said Niagara Falls Business Journal in yours it might say your city business journal. First thing I’d like to point out is that is not a real news website, its sole purpose to bring you to one of the many secret wealth formula web-pages. If you were to sign up for the secret wealth formula and try to sign in at you might notice that the secret wealth formula and the home revenue system are the exact same thing. So before you even consider signing up for Mark Starr’s secret wealth formula I highly recommend that you also investigate the home revenue system.

Final thoughts on the secret wealth formula

If an online company has an excellent reputation online it usually does not need to change it’s name or use alias to promote its products. In the instance of the home revenue system it seems to be doing this. Because of this I advise you not to sign up with the secret wealth formula. That being said don’t let my thoughts stop you from doing what you want to do. If you want what I consider to be a better money making opportunity consider visiting the work from home page

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