When a person has been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it becomes important to begin the search for a Columbus DUI attorney. There are very many lawyers purporting to offer these services. An individual will therefore need to be careful during his search if he is to get the best representative.

Attorneys who have made publications can be given priority when it comes to the selection criteria. For a publisher to accept his work, it means that the publisher considers him to be an expert in this area. He can therefore be relied on.

This type of case can either end in a jury trial or one can plead guilty. Determine the number of cases that your lawyer has handled before a jury in the past year. The best lawyers are those who will weigh the options available before advising their clients to plead guilty to the charges before them.

A good lawyer will be versed with the steps that are followed by police officers when arresting a person. He must also be well versed with how the field sobriety test is performed. Being versed with these two factors puts him in a good position to be able to offer a good representation.

The NCCD is a college where only the best lawyers go for further training. In order for any attorney to go there for training, he must be recommended by at least two judges. You will therefore need to check whether he is certified.

For a lawyer to be asked to lecture or teach other attorneys, it will mean that he is the best in this field. Determine whether any of the lawyers you are considering have had the privilege of lecturing their fellow professionals. For one to be asked to do this, he must be considered authoritative by his peers.

The number of appeals made in an year can also tell you a lot about a professional. Considering that not all cases are won, appeals will usually come in handy. Check how many appeals have been made in the past year and of this how many have been successful.

Determine how many new cases are brought to the firm each year. You can also inquire on how the cases come to be. Seek to know whether they are referrals from former clients or not. The more in demand a firm is, the more it shows that clients have a lot of trust in the capabilities of the professionals.

The location where all consultations are held with the lawyer will also matter. Be wary of lawyers who do not want you to visit their offices. Even though phone consultations may be necessary, at one point during your consultations, you will need to meet at the offices of your lawyer.

The final step in hiring a Columbus DUI lawyer is to inquire on whether the testimonials can be found. Each professional ought to have a number of testimonials and appraisals with him. You can go through the testimonials and appraisals in order to get a good handle on who you are dealing with.

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