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How to Sell Web Traffic

Wouldn’t it be great if you could sell legit web site traffic? Imagine making money selling something every website needs. Well now you can not only that but in this one blog post I am going to show you how you can leverage your new web site traffic business. For the record you don’t need to your own website to use this method. It’s very simple and requires little effort on your part. The down side to this method is you can’t use it to make money with AdSense I know that sucks but yet and still you can make allot of money in other areas of the internet both for yourself and for your potential customers.

Buy and Sell website Traffic lesson one

First sign up for a company called Planet Traffic the site is a bit fussy but to your left click where it says “Affiliate Program Earn up to $35 per Sale” simply sign up and you have your very own traffic business. Why I say you now have your very own traffic business is because you can purchase traffic on your customer’s behalf. What’s great is that its real traffic and actually visitors will be visiting your client’s websites. You can choose to sell this traffic on your own website or you can direct your customers to Planet Traffic.

What Type of Traffic will my customers be getting?

This type of traffic is mainly for people with their own websites, and it’s also good for people promoting “make money online” type websites. Health related products won’t convert well with this type of traffic and like I said earlier it’s a not a good idea to have AdSense related websites using this traffic method either as it might get you banned. The type of Traffic Planet Traffic offers is “opportunity seekers” meaning users that have an incentive to check out your website. These users can also be targeted by region

Example Planet Traffic has targeted traffic to the UK, Canada, Australia and the United States. You can sell banner advertising, email advertising traffic and if your customer is looking to build his or her list you can also sell that type of advertising that can be purchased at Planet Traffic by going to Guaranteed Signups. What’s great is that this is real traffic that can be verified and because you can purchase traffic at wholesale you can sell it for whatever price you can think of.

What separates Planet Traffic from the rest?

What separates Planet Traffic from all others is that you can purchase web traffic on behalf of your customer. When you use your referral link you are paid a commission so even if you purchase the traffic for your customer using your referral link you still receive a commission.

My advice

My personal advice is to purchase some Planet Traffic traffic first just so that you have an idea of how the entire process works prices start at $4.00. You can also sell this traffic for whatever price you wish. it should be a reasonable price and it’s a good idea to advise your customer what type of traffic they will be getting. From my experience if you have your own website and want to sell traffic it’s a good idea to make your website look presentable the better your website looks the more customers you can reel in not only that you can charge higher prices.

Where can I Promote my Traffic business for free

Easyhits4u and Traffic Swarm are traffic exchanges that are free to join most people that are in these places are looking for fast ways to get traffic because I traffic exchange works the way it sounds you exchange traffic so if you have traffic for sale at a reasonable price people will come flocking to you.