Cash Flow Money Online SPAM!

It’s never a good thing when you get a spam email message from a so called SEO(search engine optimization) company that is claiming that it can improve your search engine rankings. based on my reviews is a scam. Not only is a scam, it’s also involved in sending spam email messages. The spam email message I received from stated the following:


Finally there is a SEO Service that has given proven results and that is
backed by the customers!

Our SERP Booster is a powerful, multiple tiered linking structure which we
have designed to create a naturally diverse link building pattern and
harness the viral power of the latest SEO strategies.

More info, here

Unsubscribe option is available on the footer of our website

What annoys me most of is the bottom of their spam email message where they state they tell you to unsibscribe by visiting their website. I did not opt to receive any emails from yet they continue to send me spam email messages.
For the records The subject of the spam email stated:

SERP Booster

Anyway I won’t harp on this issue anymore is spam and a scam and I don’t recommend anyone sign up with them.