There are a number of services that a Stuart lawyer would offer his or her clients. Unfortunately, when lawyers are mentioned, the first thing that comes to the minds of many is legal representation. This is without doubt one of the services offered by lawyers, but it is in no way the only service these professionals offer.

In the event that one finds himself going to court for whatever reason, he will definitely engage an attorney to represent him. This is the most common service offered by lawyers. Attorneys serve the interests of their clients in all manner of cases from criminal to civil and everything in between. This service is so important that if an individual is not financially capable of hiring an attorney in a criminal case for example, the state provides one for him or her at its own expense.

One can never know when he or she will need to swear an affidavit. For example when the names in an academic transcript are different from the names on the identity card yet they belong to the same person, he or she will have to swear an affidavit to that effect. This cannot be done without consulting an attorney. In addition to this, the attorney has to be registered with the relevant authorities and licensed to provide such legal services to individuals. An oath taken in the presence of an unregistered and unlicensed legal expert is as good as one not taken.

The last thing that a property buyer would want is for his or her property transfer to be illegal. The only way to ensure this is to hire the services of a conveyancer. This is a legal professional who specializes in handling the legal side of property acquisition and sale. Conveyancing is one of the little known services that attorneys offer. Despite this, it is in no way less important than other services. Anyone looking to invest in real estate needs conveyancing services.

One very important service that lawyers offer is that of pupilage for law students. After completion of their undergraduate studies, law students are required to practice under an already established lawyer before they can venture on their own if they so wish. Established lawyers offer students the opportunity to get hands on experience.

Like in every other profession, consultancy services are also to be expected from any lawyer worth their salt. A consultant will seldom be an employee of a single organization. He or she will offer consultancy to any firm that needs the said service and get paid for that specific period of consultancy only. There is great potential for making a great income as a legal consultant. Consultancy is not only available to corporate bodies but to individual clients as well.

It is not possible to conclude a discussion on the services of an attorney without mentioning something to do with mediation and arbitration. In the event that two individuals choose to settle their dispute out of court, it is highly likely that their negotiations will be arbitrated by an attorney. This goes for all manner of disputes including divorce.

These are not the only services on offer from a Stuart Lawyer. The beauty about providing legal services is that the lawyer can decide to offer all services or specialize in a few, perhaps even one.

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