With regards to much loved Australian cars, there are probably not many models that compare well to our very long time love affair for the Holden Commodore. This article will shed light on this topic and I will offer some tips regarding how to find the best offers below.

Ever since 1978, Australians have liked the versatility of this excellent four-door full-sized sedan. The look has been through numerous changes and improvements but it’s always stayed true to its traditional form. This is the explanation for the massive following.

Holden has developed a range of body styles and selections for the fast growing Commodore industry. No matter what kind of car you’re looking for – there is a Holden Commodore to suit your driving style.

Which Holden Commodore are you feeling?

Luxury – if you’re after comfort and style, check out the Commodore luxury line. You’ll value the fine detailing in the traditional Commodore Calais which incorporates impressive 17 inch alloy wheels and also the very best in luxury styling. Or come out with class in the Calais V-series which comes with its very own rear seat overhead DVD player as well as front and rear park assist.

Sedan – a true blue Australian classic, the 4 door sedan is really a spacious all purpose car that will equally suit the lifestyles of hectic city professionals as it will small families. The modern Commodore was built for comfort and offers some of the most recent features when it comes to safety as well as gas efficiency. Busy people will adore the Bluetooth compatibility of the Commodore with their particular cellphones in the Berlina while parents could be assured that their Commodore Omega come with high quality safety features.

Sport – the Commodore’s distinctive line of sports vehicles are only concerned with performance. You’ll relish the 210 k/w behind the Commodore SV6 and the smooth sporty styling of the SS. Under the hood, the Commodore SS includes a highly effective V8 engine to rival those of specialized performance vehicles.

LPG – if you’re after lower emissions as well as eco-friendly considerations with the same good quality performance you anticipate from a Holden Commodore, take into account the LPG range. These gas powered models are cleaner and better for the environment as they release a lot fewer greenhouse gases. In the meantime, Holden’s state of the art engineering and design means your LPG Commodore nevertheless drives like a fantasy.

At the same time, motorists looking for a sport utility vehicle or station wagon will like the body variations that are available from Holden.

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