If you are interested in purchasing a home generally you don’t have much leeway on the timing, especially if you are moving to a new area. However, if you have some time to search for your house you will find the prices vary greatly depending on when you look. Let’s start from general times to buy a house and move into more specific areas.

It’s a pretty sweet gig, especially as when the family leaves town, I have the house to myself. I got particularly lucky this summer, if you can call it ‘luck.’ Let me explain.

There are a number of considerations to make as you assess the ability of each contractor with whom you speak. Each point is crucial to finding the contractor who is best overall for your job.

The family then packed their kids into the minivan and drove from Washington State across I90 to the Finger Lakes area of New York State.

In addition to friends and family members, you can talk with the other professionals who must deal with contractors on a regular basis. They should have a good idea as to who is reliable and who is not. Speak with your real estate agent or the owner of the local lumber yard. Their recommendations should be fairly accurate.

The second thing that summer means is that there will be a ton of buyers doing exactly what you are doing. This increase in demand leads to sellers not being willing to negotiate because if you won’t pay their asking price, the buyer right behind you just might. If finding the perfect house is more important to you than price this is the perfect time for you to buy.

Freezing Those Costs The offseason is the opposite time during the year. Few buyers are interested in going out to look for houses in the cold and because of this there are much fewer houses to look at. However, the sellers of homes during the winter are much more likely to negotiate with you because of how few buyers there are and if the buyer is selling during the offseason there are good chances that they need to sell quickly. You won’t have the variety that the summer offers but the winter season will be much kinder on your wallet.

Remember that this is your job and that you are hiring the contractor. You should be sure that the one you hire is the best for your job.Do not take the first quote simply because it sounds good. Take the time to talk with each contractor on your list.

We investigated the exterior side of the wall and found that a sprinkler head had been turned to face the house, so for six weeks, water was being sprayed onto the home every night at 11 pm.

Try to get in touch with these people and ask them whether the contractor did his job professionally. Also, talk with a client whose project was finished several years ago. Determine whether the work done by the contractor has held up well. Ask for quotes from each of the contractors to determine who will give you the best value.

Another interesting note is that there may actually be tax benefits to purchasing your home. If you are near the end of a year talk to a tax preparer or attorney to figure out if you should buy immediately or wait till the end of the year to make your purchase.

I’m glad we were able to catch this problem before it got worse and we may still run into other unforeseen problems but we’ll get it figured out and fixed by ourselves or with the help of one of the general contractors in Salt Lake.

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