South Carolina Divorce Records have been opened to the public since the Freedom of information Act as been implemented. This means that the residents of South Carolina would be able to access their personal documents including a copy of their divorce certificates. Such document is only generated when a married couple decides to nullify their vows and cut ties with each other.

There are several reasons why a divorce record is being requested in the state of South Carolina. If there are any transactions that need to be processed in any government offices, one of the major documents that have to be presented is a divorce record. This is especially true for transactions such as insurance and those which would call for a proof of separation. When the divorce has been approved, one would need to update their beneficiaries, dependents and ownership of properties. Such transactions would need a divorce certificate to be presented. Another good use of such document is for marriage application. A divorcee may not be able to proceed with marriage application if the divorce documents are not submitted.

One can find a lot of information on a divorce certificate issued in South Carolina. One would know the names of the couple who are legally separated. The date and the place where the couple got divorced are also indicated on the record. Although, such document is considered a public file, some information is kept private to protect the privacy of the involved individuals. Such information includes the reason for the separation. Details about financial matters and the custody of the children are also kept away from the public.

In order to get a copy of a divorce certificate in South Carolina, one has to have the necessary information to lookup a record. The name of the couple has to be known as well as the date and the place where the divorce was legalized. It is also important to know that only the divorcees and their immediate family members are given access to the file. The requesting individual is also required to provide their contact details which will be used only for documentation reasons.

In South Carolina, the Vital Records Section of the state is the one responsible for keeping divorce records since 1962. One has to pay $12 in order to obtain a copy of the said file. Records from 1949 to 1962 are available only at the county where the divorce was finalized. Fees would vary per county. If going to any office is not possible, ne can send a mail request. It has to be sent to the state office but the result of the search may take a while to be sent back. This is where the Internet comes to help.

The development of the Internet has allowed divorce records to be obtained online. The government of South Carolina has utilized such technology to deliver information to its people. With this, retrieval of any document has never been this easy. Going to the office has been eliminated since the search can be done at home and the results are displayed in just seconds.

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