The law profession is one of the desired professions in Lakewood. However, it is not always easy to qualify to be a lawyer. There are several steps which are involved. This article looks at some of the steps involved in becoming a Lakewood lawyer.

It is prudent to first have an understanding on the work they do before indulging in a discussion on the various stages involved. The work of an attorney involves representing various people of have matters in court. They may represent you to defend you when you have been accused of committing a crime or even act as prosecutors in court. They also give legal advices to various people.

At the university or the college, you need to study law degree or any other social science which is related to law like criminology. It is advisable that you need to look for a university with good reputation to take your undergraduate degree. After completing the undergraduate studies in law and passing, then they can start the process of joining law school. The importance of having an undergraduate first before going to law school is to enable one to learn the research skills.

The next step is applying for the Law School Admission Test. Before joining a law school you must sit for this exam and pass. It is important that you need to adequately prepare for this exam. This is because this exam seeks to test the intelligence of the individual other than what they learned at the school. Those who have passed the exam can then proceed to apply to join law school.

The next stage after completing the high school is going to the university in order to undertake a degree in law. If you have passed your high school exam, you will be in a position to get admission to a good university which is having a good reputation. This will be important for your career ones you start looking for employment since people will be considering the reputation of the university you went to. At the undergraduate level, you will learn some of the research skills and also communication skills which will be of great assistance to you once you join law school.

After passing the test, you will be allowed to apply to the different law school which you can join. The other imperative thing to consider is the reputation and the accreditation the law school you are applying to have achieved. It is good idea to only consider those law school that have been accredited by the various bar association and also a law school which is having a good reputation.

After completing the law school, you will be required to sit for the bar exam. The bar exam is what will enable you to get the practicing certificate. It is therefore also important to adequately prepare for the exam and ensure that you pass. This is because if you fail in the exam, then most likely you will be denied the licence and you will not be able to work as an attorney.

The next thing is passing the bar exams. All advocates must undertake the exam before thy are allowed to start practicing. If you have failed, you cannot be allowed to practice. These are the Stages towards becoming a Lakewood lawyer

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