Having activities outdoors like camping as well as hiking usually requires you to carry a knife for emergencies. It is very much a necessity. Knives are actually very functional and can be used in all tasks. It is also for this reason that come various types of knives which depends on their use. Some are bigger and heavier for large tasks. Others are designed for specific jobs such as skinning fish or cutting seat belts in case of an emergency.

Some larger knives are designed for protection, or doing chores around the camp that involve heavy cutting. Some so-called survival knives have multiple uses and are handy to keep around when you think you might need them.

Of course, there are laws to be followed with regard to carrying large knives. These laws will depend on the state you are in or country if you’re not living in the US. Laws concerning carrying of large knives are focused mainly on the reason why you are carrying the knife around and ignores the reason that the knife will be used for camping as well as hiking. This law tries to avoid such events where knives are to be used as weapon.

Again, laws regarding the carrying of large knives will depend on your specific state or country. One of the states that allows its people to carry knives is the state of Arizona. Furthermore, this law has been confirmed by the judicial system as constitutional in Dano v Collins.

In Colorado however, all its people are given the permission to bring or carry all the knives they want. Knives that are 35 inches or larger, when carried with the intent to use as a weapon, are not allowed.

In Georgia, anyone carrying concealed weapons will automatically be charged by going against the law. Likewise, large knives are also not allowed in public gatherings or events. This law is actually not yet complete that is why it is recommended that every person who brings a knife should do it with precaution. What many people tend to ignore is that knives can always be used as a weapon.

In Kentucky, Stout the Commonwealth determined that a 3 inch locking folder is a deadly weapon. If you’re someone engaged in outdoor activities you’ll know that this type of knife is pretty useful specially if it is folded. It unfolds and locks in place so that you do not hurt yourself when you’re using it.

Lastly, there are also states where carrying any knives at all is strictly prohibited like the state of New Jersey. The statutes are not crystal clear and authorities seem to really determine whether the knife you’re carrying was legal or not.

As you can see, you need to know what your area statutes are concerning the carrying of knives. Needless to say, every knife carried to the public should always be considered if you are looking to bring those for camping, hiking and other outdoor stuff.

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