Virginia Criminal records can now be obtained by the local residents easily. This record is among the many documents that have been opened to the residents of the state. Doing this has allowed the residents to be aware of the surroundings as well as their safety.

Criminal records that can be obtained in the state of Virginia would contain information about the crimes committed by an individual. One would know the complete name of the convicted individual as well as the aliases associated with the person. Details about all the misdemeanors and offenses committed are also indicated on the file. One would know whether the case has been closed by checking on the sentences and the charges filed against the convicted individual. Arrest details and other police reports where the individual has been involved with are also included on the criminal history of an individual.

Virginia criminal records are accessed for several purposes. Employers usually refer to the criminal history of an employee or an applicant to check whether the person has a clean criminal record. This helps employers to determine which employees are qualified and trustworthy. The records of business partners and clients are also checked to make sure that the ones they are partnering with are reliable and worthy. With employers and business owners doing such preventive measures, they can avoid severe damages and issues in the workplace. Aside from employers, private investigators and authorities also use criminal records. It is used during the investigation process as a reference.

The Virginia State Police Department is where all the criminal records of the state are being managed. It has the Central Criminal Records Exchange department the documents are being filed. A name search can be done for a $15 processing fee. One can do a fingerprint search for only $13 per name but this is only available for employers who wish to conduct a background check.

Sending a mail request to get the criminal history of an individual is also possible. When choosing such option, the application form has to be properly filled out with all the necessary information needed to avoid any complications in the request. The form should be notarized in order to have the request processed. Third party providers are also there to assist in obtaining the record without going to the office. However, both mail and third party search can take awhile. Thus the development of the Internet has helped eliminate the long wait time.

Online criminal records are now available in the state of Virginia. The state Police has the database available online for easy retrieval of files. With this, the residents can obtain the document faster compared to the traditional methods. Online retrieval has eliminated the need to go to any office and wait for time to get a copy of the criminal history of an individual. One can search for the record in just a few seconds. This can greatly help minimize the time spent in obtaining the record.

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