No vehicle owner would ever want to be handed with a new jersey speeding ticket. However, even the most careful vehicle owners might be caught going over the designated speed. So, here are some tips on how you can easily dodge from getting cited for the offense.

Understand that you will be able to get some negative effects out of getting cited for a traffic violation. Most insurance companies might take this as a sign that you might be a reckless driver. So, making sure that you take enough time to find ways on how to dodge one is always going to be very helpful.

Make sure that you will know what are the things that you can do to increase your chances at not getting cited for this particular violation. In many cases, it is going to be the officer’s call on whether he will cite you for this minor misdemeanor or not. Naturally, you want to do all you can to ensure that he will do the latter. So, knowing some tips on how to avoid the citation is really going to take you a long way.

Wave at the police officer. If you have realized that you are actually driving over the limit and you see one of their cruisers hiding in some bush somewhere, wave your hands. Many officers say that they take this as a sign that you are an acquaintance so they will most likely wave back, then they’d just let you go. There are also those times when they take this as acknowledgment on your part that you have violated the rule and you are pulling over.

Always display the right attitude the moment that you will be pulled over. You definitely need to make sure that you can get things done with ease. You know that you have violated a rule and you know that you are getting pulled over for it. The last thing you want is to act arrogant about it. You are trying to lessen your chances for getting issued a citation, after all.

You would want to aim at making the incident as less memorable as possible. So, the moment you get waved down by an officer to pull over, make sure that you are ready. Make sure too, that you turn the engine off. At the same time, turn off your head and tail lights as well. Then, place your hands on the wheel where it is going to be visible for the officer to see.

When you will be pulled over by the officer, he will need to jot down your information. Be polite in giving him your essential details. He will appreciate it more of you will be most cooperative with the way the proceedings are done. However, make sure that you will never own up to the speeding violation. You can later use this when you will be in court.

Try to make this encounter with the officer issuing the new jersey speeding ticket to you to be as least memorable as possible. You definitely need assurance that he will no loner be able to remember the encounter with you while on the court. Employ delaying tactics too, before you go to the court. Deferring the court date is always going to gibe you a chance to get the citation canceled.

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