Stop comment spam wordpress plugin

If you’re looking for the best 100%  free comment spam blocker plugin for wordpress you came to the right place. There are lots of comment spam plugins but most of them ask you to sign up or they ask you for your email address and then they give some kind of activation key and the truth is the just complicate the process. Well this particular comment spam blocker doesn’t work like that it works with wordpress and what it soes is once you click the spam button the IP’s of the spammers are automatically put into your wordpress blacklist.

Will this plugin permanently stop spam? No and for the record no spam blocker does but what this spam blocker does is it makes life more difficult for spammers and makes everything easier for you because you’ll notice a drastic decrease in comment spam sure you’ll get spam here and there but it will be easier to control. I went from having about 200 spam comments a day to about 1 – 3 the odd day I’ll get around 20 but this happens maybe once every 2 – 3 months

Click here to download this 100% free spam blocker