STOP – there might be a problem with the requested link

I remember back around 2009 paying around $200 for an advertising campaign and because allows you to track your stats I figured they would be the best option. Boy was I wrong to this day I still remember seeing my link turn into a message that went something like this “STOP – there might be a problem with the requested link”  Right there my campaign and my $200 was wasted what’s worse is I didn’t catch it for a few days at the time I had just thought that’s stats were delayed or something.

It wasn’t until I tried the link for myself that’s when I saw they had put this notice on my link I was so upset but there was really nothing I could do at this point except take the loss. Anyway That’s why now I only use no frames no ads just links you can see where every single click came from so if you’re being frauded you’ll be able to see it and all this is for free. The only catch with secureclix is don’t spam using their site because your link will be deleted and your account will be banned.