Cash Flow Money Online Scam

I keep getting this spam post in my emails. They’re all quite annoying and I have no idea how these people got my email address. My guess is that I’m not alone on this so I’m making post to warn people about I’ve already written about Mark Starr’s ‘The secret wealth formula’. Nobodies heard of Mark Star until now and the website he choose looks like a many of the other scams floating around the net. My main issue with is the fact they’re spamming people.

I have no idea how they got access to my private email. They’re not following the ‘can spam act’ there’s no way for me to tell them not send me spam. In my opinion action needs to be taken against Mark Starr and his affiliates. This type of behavior is unacceptable and it needs to stop. is not a real news website

I know most of you can tell already that is not a real news website another thing I’d like to point out is every link on that page seems to point the secret wealth formula which tells me that the only reason they built that page is to get people to go to the secret wealth formula which is why I put the blame on Mark Starr’s The secret wealth formula. I highly recommend that people stay far away from this program don’t sign up with it. It has hidden upsells and it’s way more expensive to get involved then they make it sound.

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