Is a Scam? is what most business owners would consider to be a loan shark. I wouldn’t call them a hoax or a scam however my review of their policies for business loans are something you want to do thorough reviews on. I want cal them a scam but don’t be under the impression that they’re just out to help you because if you look at the fine print of anyone of their contracts it’s clear as day to see that they’re out to make some money from your business.

Loan sharks will always be here because banks typically won’t lend on businesses they consider to be risky and most business owners don’t have some rich uncle they can lean on. If you can help it I would say avoid doing business with Sunwise Business Funds or any of their affiliate’s because loans like the ones they offer can really bankrupt your business if you’re not careful.

Another thing I want to point out is if you’re going to take put a loan from for marketing or advertising purposes make sure the advertising you’re going to do has proven to work. Because loans like the ones are offering work similar to how payday loans work the moment you’ve spent the money they lent you, you’ll always find yourself behind in someway until you pay their loan off in full.

My advice is to avoid SunwiseBusinessFunds if you can any questions or concerns you have about should be sent to them directly. At the moment it does appear that is an affiliate of also
seems to share a few traits with them also.

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