Many people don’t understand why they need a professional and experienced auto accident attorney to help them file their car injury claims. Many times people fill out an injury claim application, get an offer in the mail, and take it. Or they fill out a form and find themselves waiting months just to get more hoops to jump through. Without an auto accident attorney on your side, it is very possible to not get your claim because of small technicalities.

Even though the majority is pleased with receiving payment, they neglect the truth that what they get is statistically 1/8 of whatever they are entitled to and just a 1-time payout that runs out in a month. If you have the persistence to wait a few extra days, you might get up to 8 times the amount of money the insurance companies and courts automatic formulas generates. It is possible that you may receive a lifetime payment, whether its’ vehicle memberships, health memberships, medical care, economical compensation or all of these.

When you are looking for an auto accident attorney, make sure they are aggressive and aim to get the insurance companies to pay the maximum and for everything.

Here is a list of items an insurance company must take into consideration to determine what your claim is worth. Keep in mind, this list is only applied when the insurance company knows an attorney is on the job.

* medical care and related health expenses * income lost due to the accident, either because you were unable to work or was undergoing treatment from the car related injury * any kind of permanent physical disability or disfigurement * loss of educational and/or social experiences, including missing school or training, recreation or vacation, or special occasions * loss of a friend or family member * emotional damages, such as depression, stress, or strains on family relationships * damaged automobile or personal property

These are all required items insurance company must take into consideration and without a lawyer helping you with your case/claim, you can be losing big time.

Many insurance companies provide a compensation package automatically generated by a formula so that insurance companies can provide the bare minimum without asking those questions that could get you more compensation. Their goal is to offer you the bare minimum for all the above. Yes, this sounds horrible, but the fact is true. This is why hiring an auto accident attorney is the only fair way to get what you deserve. Contact a professional injury attorney that knows how to deal with this specialized issue. It could make a difference in thousands of dollars and a lifetime of help in case you were severely injured. Make sure you get the most of everything you deserve before it’s too late.

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