A survey says that 40% Americans had a craze of driving EV’s and after the launch of electric Tesla Motor Cars; the number has increased to 100%. Roadster is one of the fastest vehicles but cannot be compared with Porsche 911. But speed and acceleration of Tesla can be appreciated.

The successful founders of this company are Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard; they established the company in 2003. Tesla motors achieved appreciable publicity by launching two fully electric vehicles; Tesla Roadster a sports car and Model S, a luxury sedan. Tesla Motor Cars have their own power train components that generate more power when running on the roads. The power train components produced by the company are marketed to the big brands; Toyota and Daimler. The cars by the company are available in affordable rates for the average customers.

Tesla always comes with new and innovative technology in electric cars to convince the new audiences about the daily use of Tesla electric cars. The launch of model S by Tesla was a revolution in electronic vehicle technology. Later, the supercharger network was released for free to increase the convenience of the Model S owners. Yes, the supercharger networks are not yet present everywhere but Tesla motors promises to cover about 98% US market with these networks by 2015 and ensure the availability of coast-to-coast driving till the winters of 2013.

The owners of Model S have to wait for 20 minutes to charge the battery of their cars for free. Also, they can pay specific bucks for having the fully charged battery of Model S. However, don’t even think that replacing a battery is a time consuming task, it is not.

The maintenance required by the car is very less; instead it is high powered car with no irritating gasoline fill ups. So the Roadster owners have no tensions of rising oil prices; it needs overnight charging. Prefer charging the car at night as many companies offer special rates in off peak hours. Power outlets of 110-220 volts can charge the vehicle rapidly. Enjoy the effortless charging in Tesla Motor Cars and take the vehicle out for long fun rides.

The Tesla Model S is a game changer for the auto industry. It will change the way we think about cars and performance.