Businesses are very much like individuals with their own specific needs and concerns. They have to be protected in order to stay motivated to grow. Many business owners just lack the understanding of the law and find themselves in tight spots because of it. Provo attorneys may help but they can’t always protect you.

New York’s zombie man

Juan Arias, living in the heart of New York had a few complaints about his current status. He had been pronounced dead and consequently, lost his social security number, name, and many other legal documents because of a death certificate. The clincher? The real man that died was of the same name, Juan Arias. The names were simply mixed up. The living Juan Arias, has been trying to get legal help to file a lawsuit proving that he isn’t a zombie, or even dead, but rather it was a simple mix up. He has sued three times and is still fighting to get his rights back.

Many times this trust leads to face to face agreements but no actual contracts. Business owners need to understand that this is not a time to worry about hurting someone’s feelings. Getting things in writing makes it so that things are legally binding.

Many kids in the 21st century get what they want but when they want something and don’t get it, what happens? Well in December of 2013, a boy and his grandma were shopping at a toy store when she refused to buy the boy a toy. How did the little boy react? In a violent manner, He punched the grandma in the face. After a witness calling 911, the boy was arrested and detained in a Juvenile Detention center for domestic violence.

Company size

The way that most companies do this is by actually having clients sign contracts that decrease the company’s liability. This is a way of taking care of some of the risks that many business owners have.

Ruler of the Universe

One man in Canada tried to actually own all of the planets in our solar system. He even included the moons of Jupiter and the space that occupies between the planets. He simply wanted to collect planets. Unfortunately for him, the courts didn’t amuse him and did not grant ownership of the universe. They even banned him from filing any future lawsuits and required that he get written permission from a judge to file a lawsuit next time.

It is imperative to gain as much knowledge as a business owner as possible. Not just today but tomorrow as well. While the market is changing and fluctuating there is also a lot of change in the laws and regulation of business in America.

Most likely, if you are looking to get a lawyer, you aren’t trying to get control of the entire universe or sue your wife because she tricked you with plastic surgery. When you need a lawyer for anything, the normal and the weird stuff, make sure that you ask a Provo Attorney today. There are small business attorneys in Utah, go talk with one today.

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