The Freedom of Information Act in 1966 has made most of the nation’s records accessible to the public. One of the records that are made accessible to the public is the Texas background check. Public availability of the documents means that there no need to get permission from the individual in question to view their information. Just about anybody can view anyone’s record.

There are many uses of background check. In the state of Texas, it is mainly accessed to check if an individual has a criminal history. With the rampant abuse in the workplace nowadays, employers have used these records to conduct a background search of their employees. Employers check the criminal records of their employees and the people they plan to hire in order to avoid problems that may arise in the future.

The use of conducting a background check on the employees has saved a lot of companies from possible problems. By doing so, employers can avoid any form of violence within the workplace, fraudulent activities, theft, computer abuse, sexual harassment and other mishaps that may cost the company. The record also validates the information provided by the applicant whether they are indicating real information or not. This way, the employers know that they are hiring trustworthy employees.

Basic information can be retrieved from a simple background check. In Texas, one can view the basic information of the individual in question. This includes the name, nature of offenses done by the individual. The address of the individual is also indicated on the document, it would include the former and the current address. Any information about the marriage such as the spouse of the individual can also be found on the record.

The Department of Public Safety Vital Records Section maintains the Texas criminal records which are used for background check. One has to go to the office and fill out a form and indicate the reason for requesting the information. One also has to pay a $15 fee in order to obtain a copy of the document. Another faster way to get the information is through the internet.

Online employment background check has made the search for these records easier. This tool has helped employers save time in the retrieval of the criminal history of an employee or an applicant. With only a few clicks, the information is displayed on the monitor. This helps the employers decide faster whether to accept the applicant based on the results found. There are some websites that offer to search for the records for a reasonable fee.

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