The State of Texas is one of the popular states that are visited because it offers marriage to non-residents and allows common or informal marriage as well as approves marriages of underage couples with parental consent. Although the State does offer these services, they do not allow marriage for same sex couple as well as marriage between cousins or relatives. The State of Texas Bureau of Statistics provides verification for Texas marriage record but does not issue certified true copies.

In securing a marriage license, couples can obtain the license by visiting the county clerk of the place where they intend to marry. The couples should show valid IDs as proof of their identity. They can show their passports or driver’s license for verification. Should one of the couple not be able to show himself/herself to the county clerk; a proxy can stand for them. Proxy marriages are allowed in the State; however, they should present an absentee form and one valid ID of the person they are stepping in for. Once the clerk of the county releases the marriage license, the couple has to wait a minimum period of 72 hours before they can get married. The 72-hr period is waived when the couple has attended the free seminar provided by the State.

The license costs about $60 though charges differ from one county to another so it is important to check the cost by calling the county clerk office. Couples get a discount or waiver of the fee if they attend and complete the seminar that the State offers. The seminar lasts about 8 hours and one can take it anytime as long as the couple finish it within a year. The waiting period is also waived upon the completion of the seminar.

For underage couples, especially those that are of sixteen (16) – seventeen (17) years of age, marriage is possible; all they need to do is to obtain a parental consent form and submit this to the county clerk. Another is if one of them is divorced, they can submit a certified copy of the divorce. The engaged couples can also obtain a court order from the place where their parents reside to allow them to marry.

Informal marriages or common marriages can also be declared by the State. Couples who are in an informal marriage and want it to be declared should sign a declaration form under oath and should meet the following conditions: (1) they agree and live as husband and wife and (2) they present themselves as a couple to other people.

Once the marriage license is released, couples only have thirty days to use the license before it expires. To obtain a copy of marriage certificate one can get this from the county clerk where the marriage license was issued or visit one of the online companies that provide such services.

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