Public records in the State of Texas are available from the Department of Public Safety’s Computerized Criminal History System. The Conviction Database contains information including arrests in Texas, prosecutions and dispositions of cases where a person is charged with Class B or higher violation of the law. All cases that are filed in the database are updated frequently by the agencies under the State.

For one to be able to access the database, one needs to be a member. If not, one has to join the site by creating an account. Once the account becomes live, the researcher needs to purchase several credits to fund his/her researches. Purchasing credits can be done through mailed in checks or by using credit cards. Each credit costs about $3 although other costs might be included which is dependent on the payment method that one uses.

For those who will be paying via mailed checks, the office charges an additional $1.25 for convenience fee, bringing the total fee to $4.25. The credits are available once the checks are validated by the office. For those who would be paying via credit card, the office charges a convenience fee of 2.25% including a $.50 for transaction fee. Credits bought with credits cards are immediately available for use.

It is imperative that researchers fill in the entire requested fields to ensure that the search would be successful. It is recommended to include the first name, middle name, surname and the person’s birth date. Do keep in mind that credits are non-refundable and as such, a credit is debited from the account’s credit even if the return result is a no-match. Having a no-result does not automatically mean that the record is not available. In some instances, the records might be restricted from public access such as in juvenile records or those records that are already sealed and expunged.

There would be times when matches might result in several entries. To avoid having credits debited from the account, researchers can click on the preview button to see a small sample of the record to verify that the record is what they need. Do remember that once the record is opened, a credit is debited from the account. Accuracy concerning the matches is not guaranteed as in most cases, the person in the record can only be authenticated if the report includes a fingerprint specimen card. To ensure the accuracy of the report, one might want to check out the arresting agency that filed the report.

There are some instances when records are not complete. If the person is checking out their personal records and wish to change something or add something, they can do so by contacting the office. Those who want to do some arrest search can also check other online sites that offer public record searches free or for a minimal fee. This is the most expedient and resourceful method to find information without having to open up an account and maybe effective for those who want to do some research one time.

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