To majority of long distance drivers, it is often difficult to differentiate hot truck trucking from expedited loads business. The similarity between the two is that in all cases, the shipment process is likely to be time sensitive. The type of truck used brings about the difference. The expedited loads are shipped by vans, tractors or straight trucks as opposed to hot shot trucking where flat-bed or medium duty (goose neck) diesel operated trucks are used for pulling the cargo hauling trailers.

The first step is to determine the client you will be doing the hauling services for. It is easier if you lease your services and your rig to a hauling company as you are able to make fast and easier profits in this manner. It is the job for the trucking company to find the load you are going to transport. In this way, they are also the ones to take care of any bills and collection that is due. The most common arrangement will see you take 80% of all profit while the take the remaining 20%.

With clear understanding of the company you choose to work with, it is now time to contact their terminal manager and submit the application. The medical examination is the next part after getting the acceptance note. This also covers drug testing and may take a day or two.

Leasing your services and truck to the brokerage company on the other hands also come with merits and demerits. Other than fulfilling the federal and state requirements, you must also fulfill the requirements set by the company.

If you choose to work as an independent driver, you need to be aware of most online freight matching providers as they can make the process of securing a business much easier. The alternative is almost free of bureaucracy and works well for businesses in need of very quick delivery services as finding freelance drivers is much easier.

When every thin is ready, you can proceed to the United States Department of Transportation for truck and trailer inspection and if all requirements are met, there is a sticker to show of it. The inspection must be correct to avoid being sent back by the hauling company. After a successful, it is time for first trip; a notebook might be helpful when you report to the terminal manager for the instructions.

Both the freelance drivers and those who choose to lease their services have some process to complete before the business can start. You must first get the DOT number, inspection certificate, take an insurance cover for personal injury and property damage, get services of an agent to deal with paperwork and related summons (freelance drivers only) and then go into marketing of your services. The best targets are large agricultural business around, manufacturing firms, stores and warehouses.

As a hot shot trucking driver, you have to be ready for shipment delivery without midway breaks. The common trucks that you are likely to use are diesel powered and the goose-neck trailers for mission accomplishment.

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