When I was growing up I always adored the amazing spectacle of a traditional wedding car. Many a memory included me playing in the street to be instantly breath taken at the sight of what I later found out was the amazingly luxurious Rolls Royce wedding car.

I already knew that a beautiful woman wearing a gorgeous white dress would be on the inside. I remember running up a hill to the church that sat at its feet, in order to see that beautiful lady in the midst of other beautiful and happy people. I wonder if they were ever flabbergasted at this wonderful view of joy and expectation.

Even though I was only a child, doesn’t mean that there were not other people as excited as me. The reactions of the crowd were usually the same; smiles and looks of utter bliss.

I’m happy to saw that now that I’m older, my special day is on its way. I will now be sitting in that luxurious car being chauffeured around as heads turn for me. I will be smiling joyfully as I eagerly await the presence of my wonderful husband-to-be. Our love will be confirmed until the end of time.

As all little girls I had a dream of what my special day would be like and I am now so delighted to have made all those dreams come true. Every finer detail I have planned to perfection. Of course my charming memories of the Rolls Royce carefully draped in silk rose ribbon, elegantly carrying the happy bride were remembered fondly.

It’s good to know that all those child hood memories will no longer be childhood fantasies. Riding in my dream automobile, I know I’m going to make children stop dead in their tracks as I make my way down the street. I couldn’t have thought of a better way to start my new life with my fiance, honoring the memory of wedding automobiles such as the Rolls Royce wedding car.

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