The Porsche 911 has always been the company’s the flagship high-performance sports-car. The car is a two-door luxury coupe that is capable of high speed driving. The classic 911s are the Porsche 911 Carerra RS and Porsche 911 SC models, which remains highly sought after. All classic 911s have a rear engine, rear suspension and and an air-cooled engine.

The 911s distinctive design originated from the classic Volkswagen Beetle, The design has become more and more sleek over the years but the classic older models especially the 911 SC an Carerra RS are the most widely collected. The 911 is still in production today and very successful in a variety of motor-sports, such as motor-racing and rally driving.

Early 911s are considered to be the ‘classic’ models. The first ever 911 appeared in 1963 and this original car remained in production up until 1989. There have been many different variations of the 911 since 1963 with numerous design and performance improvements.

The Porsche 911 has been improved by racing teams and by the company for various types of motorsports, including rally driving and racing. The car’s distinctive design evolved from the Volkswagen Beetle. The first editions of the car came with 130 PS (96 kW) flat-6 1991cc engine at the rear of the car. They had a 5-speed manual transmission system. In 1966 the company introduced the more powerful 911S with a 160 PS (120 kW; 160 hp) with five leaf Fuch alloy wheels.

1967 saw the first 911 with a removable roof. These limited edition models were known as “Targa” 911s. They had a stainless steel roll bar, so they were not considered 100% convertible. Also in 1967 Porsche unveiled in 911L and 911R models. The R model contained a more powerful engine and was designed specifically for racing. The car featured a magnesium crank-case and aluminium doors so it was lighter in weight.

The most collectible of the 911s is the 911 Carerra RS models that were manufactured between 1973 and 1974. Most car enthusiasts consider these cars to be the best Porsches ever manufactured. The Porsche Carerra 2.7RS was the most powerful with a 2.7 liter engine. The Carerra 911 2.7 RS came second in the 24 hours Le Mans in 1974.

In 1978 the company introduced the 911 SC, which is considered a classic. The 911 SC featured a very powerful 3.0 liter engine. The Porsche 911 SC is effectively the Carerra 3 that has been detuned. In 1980 the company introduced a special edition of the 911 SC with a turbo whale-tail and front chin-spoiler. It also had matching Fuch alloy wheels. There was also a sports group offer for the 911 SC available, these models were better for racing as they had stiffer suspension, rear spoiler and front lip spoiler.

The first truly convertible 911 appeared in 1981 with the Cabriolet version of the car. The Carerra RS and Porsche 911 SC Cabriolet was incredibly successful and out-sold every other Porsche to date. Because of this success, the company have since produced a cabriolet version of all their 911s. In 1979 Porsche were set to cease the 911 designation in favor of 928. However 911 was such a successful model that they decided to keep it for marketing purposes.

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