Texas Arrest records are managed by the Crime Records unit of the Crime Records Service Bureau, one of the units of the Department of Public Safety. The local Texas law has mandated to have such files to be opened to the public.

The basic personal information is indicated on the document such as the name, age, address and even the aliases used by the individual. Arrest information such as the dropped charges, plea bargains, dismissals and dispositions can also be found on the record. How, when and where the person was arrested are detailed on the file. The individual’s physical description such as body markings like tattoo and scars are also described on the file. A photo of the individual can also be seen.

The information that can be found on the arrest record is mainly used when conducting a background check on an individual. Others would check the arrest history of their nannies, tenants, relatives, friends and neighbors. By doing so, one can be cautious about the people they interact with and be less worried when letting other people look after their homes and loved ones. Employers also refer to such records to when checking the criminal history of their employees and applicants. Such files are also used during the investigation of a case.

Only authorized persons or those who have a court order can request for a copy of an arrest file. One can request for their personal file just to verify if the information on the file is correct. Retrieval fees depend on the method of payment and the request option. When requesting for the record through mail, it would cost $15 and an additional of $.50 if one is paying using a credit card. One will be required to indicate their name, address and age for documentation purposes. Such information is then included on the arrest file that you have requested for.

The best place to request for a copy of an arrest file in Texas is at the Department of Public Safety under the Crime Records Unit of the Crime Records Service Bureau. The Internet is also one of the resources used when retrieving an arrest record in the state of Texas.

The arrest records in Texas are encoded on the Computerized Criminal History database. Such online database is part of the official website of the state of Texas. A 43 fee is required when using the system to pull up the arrest information of an individual. The Computerized Criminal history database is connected to all the database of the county so that the information stored is updated on a real time basis. With this system, the retrieval of the record using the Internet is faster and convenient since one can file the request even at home.

TX Arrest Records vary from state to state per the respective state laws. Visit us at Criminal Records Free To Public for individual details pertaining to particular states.