Since the recession, there has been an increase in small vehicles failing their MOT. It is false economy to cut costs by not getting your car serviced. Car servicing ensures the safety and durability of your car.

Buying and running a car is costly, but a regular car service helps maintain your vehicle helping you avoid major problems and reducing the cost of wear and tear. With your car running more efficiently, you will keep it in good condition for longer and even get a better price for it when you sell it.

What To Expect From Car Servicing in Torquay

Though cars have become increasingly advanced in their technology and systems, regular maintenance is still required and a service is more involved than it was a few decades ago. There are specialist MOT and car servicing centres in Torquay that are fully equipped to carry out the service quickly and efficiently, so your car won’t be off the road for too long.

It’s not just MOTs that ensure your car’s safety, a service will identify faults early on and deal with them before they become dangerous or expensive faults. Even the minor elements of a car service are essential to the safety of your vehicle. Regular servicing also makes it more likely that your vehicle will pass its MOT.

Some of the tasks carried out in a servicing include:

* Fluid level checks and possible changes

* Clean or replace spark plugs and air filters

* Battery condition and brake pads

* Check for leaks including in the radiator, water pump and hoses

* Steering alignment and suspension

* Tyre tread and pressure

* Exhaust or oil leaks

* Signs of corrosion

* Check seat belts and lights

A car service should be seen as being as essential as an MOT. As highlighted above, you can save yourself greater expense in the long run by keeping on top of your cars maintenance. Different levels of service are available, so pick the highest level you can afford.

For more information about a reliable centre you can trust to carry out your car servicing in Torquay, visit Newton Road MOT Centre’s website. Read the testimonials regarding quality MOTs and car servicing in Torquay.