Immigration to the United States of America is very rampant. And if there are no guidelines to prevent even more people from this immigration it might be very hard for the state to maintain its development status. Through this process, there are a lot of people who suffer but by being enriched with the information on DACA function they are able to receive fair treatment from the state.

It is very hard for this organization to get to their victims. This is because they have not been able to produce an application form that will be used for registration. If they produce this form it might be easy for these victim and their families to be an easy target for the Homeland Security department of the United State of America.

Immigrants might be residing in the state without any legal authority to do so. These immigrants that are staying without the consent of the country are considered as any other criminals. With the young youth falling in this category they are bound to receive the same judgment as the rest. But the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals institute comes in to ensure that this does not happen.

This contract is renewable. After the duration of two years has elapsed the person can be able to renew the contract and be able to attain another guarantee of two years. During this time they are able to work in any capacity that they are able to. This is because they are given the recommendation and authorization that institute require before they can take them in as employees.

They need to be currently in school or be graduates from one of the institution in the state. In addition they have to have stayed in the state for a continuous period of five years within which they need not to have moved out. They should have been in the United State of America on the fifteenth June last year.

After the duration of generosity they still have the right to renew this contract. After renewal they are granted another two years and the process repeats over and over again till they are able to finish their stay or till they acquire their citizenship. Through this institute they are therefore given life and the ability to intermingle with other citizens and have the social freedom that they require.

The money that is earned from their work is able to improve their economic opportunity. In a way they are able to be part of the team that is working to achieve the goal of the United State of America. Through their effort the economy of the state and the infrastructures are improved.

Their records on any irregularity should be clear and without any conviction. The duties of the DACA can then be very helpful to these individual. But if they have been involved in any irregularity it might be very hard for them to be cleared off by this institute. But instead they will be the target of the Homeland Security department.

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