If you are found guilty of DUI in Ohio, you could be fined heavily, have your license suspended, or be subjected to driver intervention program. Worse still, you could be jailed for between three and sixty days, depending on the nature of your case. There are other consequences that come later on, which include higher insurance rates or even finding it difficult to find a provider. It is, therefore, important to know the best action to take the moment you are arrested to limit the consequences.

Know the circumstances that led to your arrest. If a police officer suspects that you are intoxicated, the law mandates them to request you to submit a chemical test of your blood, urine or breath. This is to determine if you are under the influence of any drug, which includes alcohol and any other illegal substance. If you refuse to submit the sobriety test, your license will be suspended immediately for one year.

Know the costs upfront. The costs of fighting DWI/DUI charges can be quite high. Therefore, you need to be prepared in terms of finances. An experienced lawyer may be expensive, but that is the best person to represent you. There are also other charges that will increase the legal fees, so you should know all the expected charges.

The defense must convince the judge that you are guilty. This requires the submission of sobriety test, which is normally used as the main reference point for the prosecution. If there is a problem in the way the evidence was collected, then this may be used to your advantage. Your rights must be respected and the tests should be done through your will.

Get a reliable DUI attorney. You need a professional who can analyze the circumstances to regarding your case and tests conducted. A lawyer can determine the nature in which the tests were conducted and find faults that can help your case. You can also discuss all your options and decide on the best approach to take.

Do not assume guilt. Most people, especially repeat offenders, panic when they are arrested. This may lead them to take a guilty plea in the notion that they would get a reduced sentence. You should talk to your lawyer first before talking with the police or any other person on the prosecution side. Remember that your own statement can complicate the case further.

The law indicates that you can only be charged if your BAC exceeds 0.08 at the time of arrest. This also refers to other drugs such as marijuana and other illegal substances that may impair your abilities. Therefore, the contents must be analyzed carefully.

Understand that the arresting office may make errors when collecting evidence. It is required that the urine, breath, blood of the offender be examined. These tests should done in a way that does not violate the rights of the accused.

Being arrested for the second time for DUI allows amounts to higher penalties. You need to take immediate action by hiring a reliable attorney. This will help you learn your options of possibilities.

DUI in Ohio requires an experienced lawyer. Know your rights and all the above information. An attorney can then help you with the rest.

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