The importance of funding tech research cannot be overstated. The ability of corporations like Honeywell avionics to provide safe and effective products can be enhanced by giving federal grants to groups like their research and development departments. If the government can help to develop these technologies, the public won’t be the only ones to benefit.

Despite an increasing need for employees who are tech savvy and informed about all the advances in any given field, there is a disturbing lack of American students who are pursuing degrees in math or the sciences. As the potential growth for the job market in those degree fields grows, one must wonder how in the world can Americans ignore this trend when considering the abysmal job prospects in most areas of the country? How can we produce more students with a hunger for them?

One way is to provide more scholarships for the math and science degrees. If students can gain access to an education by majoring in one or the others and maintaining a specific grade point average while doing it, you might see more young people with interest. Grants also give very helpful financial aid to those students who deserve it and should be expanded to include more tech fields.

Nobody knows better than the veteran what equipment will and will not work in the field. If a company is trying to develop a better weapons system to use in an unmanned aerial vehicle, someone who has used UAVs in the past is the best fit for the job. In this way, many defense contractors not only provide the best products but also provide jobs for military veterans.

Employing good teachers is probably another great way to develop great students. The horrifying rate of pay for school teachers doesn’t attract the best and brightest minds and therefore you don’t have the best education being given. A good fundamental education in math and science could encourage early interest that would develop well over time and provide more competitive domestic job hunters.

With the economy still struggling to recover from recession, the argument can be made that no extraneous spending should be done on the part of the government. Despite the strength of these arguments, the companies who would benefit from these types of grants are a large part of the national economy. Encouraging them and enabling them to employ larger numbers of people in any capacity will only serve to strengthen the country’s fiscal abilities.

Product development in the tech industries can be the beacon of light that leads the way out of economic hardships. With the advantages that the United States has in terms of early and secondary education, one would think that the job market for the application of technical skills would be a promising area. Giving research grants to corporations that employ these folks would enable the development of technology and jobs.

Understanding that companies like Honeywell avionics will be looking to hire students and people who are pursuing or already have advanced degrees in technology, math and the sciences is the first step in rectifying all previous blunders with the economy. You should encourage students in the United States to attain high levels of education in fields that are in demand. If you don’t, folks must acknowledge that the jobs will go to other places.

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