If you are ever convicted of drunk driving, your Phoenix DUI lawyer will seem like your best friend.If the cops arrest you for drunk driving, you will need skilled DUI lawyer.If you are stopped for being under the influence in Phoenix, your next step should be to hire a wonderful DUI attorney.This is because the city has very restrictive DUI laws, even for first time arrests.Getting a DUI attorney in Phoenix won’t seem like such a terrible thing once he helps you court.Keep in mind that even if this is your first time, you can get a fine and jail time.You might also have to turn over your driver’s license for a period of three months.So, do the smart decision and invest in a good Phoenix DUI lawyer,He can get you a less incriminating charge, or it may be dismissed altogether.

Punishment for getting an Arizona driving under the influence charge

Your Phoenix DUI lawyer will advise you that you can be severely fined for drunk driving in Arizona.He’s going to explain to you how he is going to handle your case.Never state that you are guilty of driving under the influence.Also, even while pulled over, you should keep the number of a reliable Phoenix DUI lawyer to give you info over the phone for your defense.There are loads of experienced lawyers who are knowledgeable about drunk driving laws and can aid you during this time.Hire a well-seasoned Phoenix DUI attorney, who will explain to you all the defense measures he will use.He might be able to get the charges greatly reduced.

The list down below will provide information on the possible penalties that you can get for driving drunk in the State of Arizona

Possible charges for drunk driving

First DUI offense

The second charge for driving under the influence

A really bad driving under the influence penalty, but you have not been charged before

You have been pulled over drunk before and you have been condemned for it

Aggravated driving under the influence without a legal driver’s license

This is your first time with a drunk driving charge

First, Second, Third, it does not matter which because they are all thought to be bad.Your Phoenix DUI lawyer is very experienced and can supply the best data on how drunk driving convictions work in Arizona. He knows the right contacts who can help with you case.If you don’t get a good lawyer, you could end up dishing out loads of money.It might lead to jail time or probation.You may have your Arizona driver’s license taken away after this first drunk driving charge.You might have even more serious charges against you before it is all over with.If you failed a breathalyzer test given to you at the time of arrest, you will surely face 90 days of license suspension.If there wasn’t anything damaging to occur as a result of your drunk driving, then you might be given the opportunity to drive much sooner.A good DUI attorney in Phoenix may be able to ensure that your breathalyzer test result tossed from the case.You get to hold on to your license, if he can do it.

Concluding words about your Phoenix DUI lawyer

Do not decide not to succumb to the breath test because this could really get you into hot water.Only in special situations would it be smart to refuse it.So, the second that you are pulled over with a DUI, be certain that you call your Phoenix DUI lawyer.You can expect to relinquish your license for a minimum of one year if you do not submit to the breathalyzer test on your own.If you use a commercial license, they will get taken away for a year.Get that skilled DUI attorney in Phoenix. If you don’t have one you might never be given a commercial license. Drunk driving is not tolerable.Just declare that you will never drink and drive.

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