It is prudent to start by having an understanding of the meaning of Juvenile dependency before indulging on the roles played by different actors. Juvenile dependency case may be defined as case where a child is not getting protection as he or she ought to get. The case therefore is to assist the child to get the necessary protection they are seeking. This article highlights on some of the roles played by actors in the juvenile dependency Los Angeles.

The first thing to do is to identify the different players involved. The first one is the child. The second one is the social worker. Third one is the court appointed special advocate while the last one is the judge.

The judge also has a role to play. It is important to note that there is no jury in juvenile dependency courts therefore the judge is the one who is in charge of all the operations of the court with the help of a court clerk. The Judge is required to be impartial in his or her judgment.

The judge also plays significant role. At the juvenile dependence court, the judge handles everything. There is no jury to made decision as it is in other courts. The judge listens to all the parties before making his or her judgment as the case may be. It is necessary to note that the law requires that the best concern of the child to be given primary consideration when handling matters involving children.

This aspect of putting the interest of the child firs is mandatory even as provided in the several international instruments and the domestic law. The other people to consider are the lawyers. The lawyers also play a significant role in the court.

Lawyers also have a role to play in a case like this. The lawyers are always hired by the people involved so that they can speak on their behalf. The parents may decide to have their lawyer to represent them, the child may also have a layer to represent them, the social works as well may have a lawyer to represent them. What is important to note about the role of the lawyer is that the lawyer is required to help the judge in establishing the law which supports their case.

The other people to consider discussing their role are the Court Appointed Special Advocate. These advocates are normally appointed by the judge handling the matter to assist the court in reaching a decision. The advocate is normally required to talk to the child and try to know more about the situation at the hand. The advocates also assist the judge by analyzing the provision of the law based on the facts.

The children are always the first witnesses in the case like this. They are required to give evidence as well regarding the issues they face. The court is under an obligation to confirm that they are comfortable. The proceedings are always held in private so that the child is made comfortable while giving their testimonies. After all the people have made their presentation, the judge then is required to give direction which is bounding to everyone. These are the roles played by different players in juvenile dependency Los Angeles.

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