The movie The Secret by Rhonda Byrne has awakened a deeper understanding within people concerning their control of their life, through understanding of the Law of Attraction. Unfortunately, it also made them acutely aware of the vast responsibility that is based on their hands to control their own destiny. What you become in life is not in the hands of your ancestors, your parents, your family, your relatives, pals, your society, your politicians, your government, your country, and your circumstances. Your future is perfectly up to you.

What This Signifies

This is a good thing, because you can create your own future. You aren’t a mere victim of an “unfair” world. But this actually also means your nightmare is of your own making. It is sometimes easy to blame others for it, thereby avoiding responsibility. Unfortunately, after you fall into this trap, it means that you give others the strength over your life, over your situation, and only they can change it.

But imagine if they don’t desire to change it for the better? What if they need to change your life to better benefit them, and not you? What if they will use this power to reap the benefits of you? Then you will keep on blaming them, which gives them more power over your life. Thus starts a horrible downward spiral to your doom.

That is why despite the great success of The Secret, there are still a lot of people experiencing life. Many accuse the Law of Attraction is not real or can not work on their behalf. Some consider it simply as a feel-good hype that eventually means nothing. Some even consider applying the lessons with other people’s life, but not to their own personal life: “Someone I know must watch this.”

Your Duty

The lesson inside the Secret is that you just alone are responsible for your own life, also it follows that another person is liable for his personal life. “Judge not,” “Do not do unto others,” “Take the plank from your own eyes.” Clean your own house before you make any comment about another’s.

Apply the lessons as part of your life when you attempt to apply it to other people. Using this method, you will learn to take control of your life. Begin to use this law of Attraction to your advantage, instead of making it work against you. Then you’ll start seeing the progress you would like to see in your lifetime.

The Missing Laws

But is the Law of Attraction the only Law out there? Is the law of gravity the only law in the universe? Of course not. There are other Laws in the universe, and also you would do well to seek them out.

Must you know all to be successful in life? Of course not can provide an edge if you want your life to increase. Ignorance of the reasoning behind gravity would not stop medieval armies by using catapults effectively, but understanding of the way it operates helped improve technology within our modern world.

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